Friday, July 14, 2017

TransPride Pgh: end of Month wrap Up! Pool parties, Meet Ups,How to help and more

We are mid way through July- woooosh! Where has the summer gone!

Check out the article just posted for Queer Pgh about our pool parties that go all summer long HERE

For the rest of this month here's what we got going!

Please don't forget to join us tomorrow July 15th at Polish Hill Pool for the TransPride Pgh Pool Party! 1pm-6pm!

Monday July 17 is our Gender Queer Meet Up- come out share some light snacks and lets talk!
Gender Queer Meet Up happens at Persad Center located at 5301 Butler Street.

Weds July 19th at Blue Moon for 21+ is Trans Talk hosted by Bambi Dearest with several speakers including one of TransPride Pgh co-founders Chance Thomas.  
oin us @ Blue Moon for a special edition of #OPENSTAGE.
Prior to the usual festivities every Wednesday
@ 1030 PM we will have public figures from the community
come forward and tell us their stores.
Where they are from?
How they got here?
And why visibility is just as important now as it's ever been.

Audience members will have the chance
to ask each of our speakers questions.
There are no wrong or dumb questions. 
Our endgame is that you leave feeling knowledgeable.

During #OPENSTAGE we will be accepting donations
from the audience and performers for #ProudHaven.

Dr. Alec MacIntyr
Jezebel D' Opulence
Chance Thomas 

 July 22 from 1pm-6pm at Polish Hill Pool is our TransPride Pool Party


Tons of vendors,  classes and readers including Psychic Santina.

11am -7pm $5.00 per person (goes to TransPride Pgh)
Persad Center -5301 Butler Street-Lawrenceville.

Support local businesses! Support Transpride Pgh!

Monday July 24th Femme Meet Up -6pm-9pm at Persad Center...
all Femme Identified person are welcome, Friends family and allies as well.

How can you help??
spread the word about our events, share on your timelines and across social media, like our page if you haven't already, and if you or someone you know can spare a few bucks do so. All money goes right back into community events. 

Interested in helping support TransPride Pgh?
We have grown over the last 7 years to not only include a regional talent showcase, but a national one as well as a weekly Monday night event (free) that include art, board games, gender queer and femme focused discussions, summer pool parties (at cost) , ice cream socials (at cost) , professional (50$per person..sliding scale ) and community conference (10$ or what you can give no one turned away for lack of funds) ,Transformation network (free) to help folks new on their journey to true self with folks who are already traveling the path , The Exchange (free) to help connect trans folks w needed chest binders, packers wigs or breast forms and more!

TransPride Pgh is a community collective of folks who volunteer their time and works hard to connect our local (and beyond) trans community to needed resources, create a network of professional, community and social connections and general support for day to day living of trans folks friends family and loved ones.
Please consider sponsoring our conference this year...last year we reached over 200 professional and community folks with TransPride Pgh PRIDE WEEK celebration and are looking to connect with many more this year.
This year, TransPride Pgh Pride week will take place on the last week of September from Sept 23 to Oct

You may make a direct donation to us ( TransPride Pgh)  through our fiscal sponsor Persad Center, you may give through paypal via or you may select a level of sponsorship at the form linked below to help us offset the costs for this upcoming Professional and community conference.

Thank you in advance for your support and help to spread the word!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vera's Weekly Report: Net Neutrality

Hello, everyone! This is your favorite internet rambler here! Now, it’s for another of my famous “Vera’s Weekly Reports”! Now, today I want to talk to you about Net Neutrality. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering “What does this have to do with us in the Transgender Community?” Well, I’m going to explain how in this article!

Let’s go ahead and start by explaining what net neutrality is:

Net neutrality is the crazy concept that all data on the internet is equal. There is no content that gets precedence over any other content. Youtube, netflix, TransPride’s Blog, and reddit are all equal under net neutrality.

Okay… But why should we care?

Well, without net neutrality, internet providers can choose what gets through them and what doesn’t. In example:

“Let’s say that I want to watch a youtube video about the struggle of being trans in modern society. If my provider, Verizon, doesn’t want to show me Youtube videos, they can slow down that website to the point where none of the videos will load. Then, I can’t watch it.

Okay, so I grumble about this and then go onto Netflix to check out the latest documentary about Trans life. Let’s pretend that Netflix and Verizon are having a spat, as big companies do, that I’m not aware of. Suddenly, I can’t watch that documentary, either.

So, I decide to update the TransPride Blog, and get some work in. Well, because I’m not paying for a plan that covers small websites, I can’t get there at all! Now what am I supposed to do?”

In this hypothetical scenario, internet providers get to choose what you see and what you don’t. Just by deciding what content gets to download for you and what doesn’t. Now, let’s extend this line of thinking to how it affects us as a community.

Companies and the people that run them can be stupid anti-LGBTQA bigots. If the CEO gets a bee in their bonnet, they can choose to stop all LGBTQA content from loading. The only way that I could even get the vocabulary together to know what “transgender” was, was because of the internet. I was lucky enough to be born in an age where I had the information superhighway at my fingertips. I was able to research this when I was a kid and find the words to express what was going on with me.

The internet also helps us organize our resistance to this regime of Trump’s, as he tries to play the role of a wanna-be dictator. Without Net Neutrality, we become disconnected and distanced from our brothers and sisters across the country. Corporations could keep us from from being able to communicate with each other by blocking websites that they do not agree with personally.

Net neutrality is important. Please, tell the FCC that we need the internet to remain free and unshackled. Visit for more information. They’ll even have a way for you to email and call congress and the FCC. We can fight this, and we can win. And with this victory, we’ll be able to continue our fight for equality for everyone!

This has been Vera’s Weekly Report. I’m glad you took the time to read this, and please spread the word. I’ll see you all next week, and remember: You matter. You’re identity is valid, and no one can take that from you! See you all next week!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Vera's Weekly Report: Freedom Day!

Welcome to Vera’s Weekly Report! This is the special July 4th Freedom Day Report! Okay, so it’s actually Independence Day, but I like the sound of “Freedom Day” better. Now, as many of you know, especially if you live in America, July 4th is a holiday celebrating when the United States first became a country. Not always the best country, but still a country. This country was founded on the principles of Freedom and Equality! Go ‘Murica!!!

But… We also know that, as a country, we’ve had some trouble living up to these ideals. Minority groups are often the target of increased incarceration, abuse, and discrimination. Hate crimes are fairly commonplace, especially in the more conservative areas of the country. I’m glad that I live in a very progressive city, but even then, there are still moments when I worry. With this presidency, things have only gotten worse.

However, in a way, things are getting better. There are more fights and victories at the state levels in terms of equality. We’re looking forward to the 2018 elections, when we can change the scene in Washington DC. Bills like Trumpcare, that are thinly-veiled tax cuts for the rich, are becoming political suicide. We are rising up as a people and telling the government that our voices will be heard! That is what America is truly about.

Everything good in life, you have to work for, you have to fight for. America fought for its Freedom from an oppressive rule. We created a system of government in which the people had a say in what was passed into law. Despite what some people of government are trying to do, we are fighting hard to make sure we don’t lose our say. There are protests, there are petitions, there are lawsuits, there is lobbying by powerful groups like the ACLU. The internet has become a medium for the coordination and continuation of intersectionality in our fights. The People are coming together as one group to say “We will not stand for this abuse.” Not only in our own country, but across the globe, we are coming together.

There are organizations, like TransPride Pittsburgh, across the country providing support. Courts are increasingly ruling that transgender people's rights are included under “gender discrimination” of Title XI. The White House has even said it will look into the continuing murders of trans women. (not that I expect much, considering this is the Trump White House, but the gesture is still there.) We are getting the national attention we need with people like Laverne Cox.

The world is changing. People are fighting against this change, but we will win!

July 4th may be called “Independence Day”, but it’s a holiday where we celebrate the ideals of the country. These ideals are Freedom and Equality. Nothing exemplifies these Ideals more than the Intersectional Movements that are fighting every day.

Thank you for reading. That’s all for this week, and I hope to see you again next week. Happy Freedom Day, and keep on fighting!

Vera Jane
TransPride Pittsburgh Steering Committee Member

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 29- TransPride Pgh Pool Parties

 July 29 at 1 PM - 6 PM
Polish Hill Pool
450 30th St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219
 TransPride Pool Party!

We decided to do three a month!

There will be representatives from TransPride at the pool on each date to help reserve space for our folks.
Come out and splash with us! Everyone welcome! All Ages.

The pool will be open to the public but is very trans and queer friendly.

Food is not permitted at the pool area, but there is a picnic table right outside the gates that may be used if you bring things to snack on

July 24- TransPride Pgh Femme Meet Up

 July 24 at 6 PM - 9 PM
Persad Center
5301 Butler St, Ste 100, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201
Come join femme identified folks, friends family and loved ones for a night of social support.
( feel free to bring something share if you are so moved.)

July 22- Pool Pgh Pool Parties

 July 22 at 1 PM - 6 PM
Polish Hill Pool
450 30th St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219
 TransPride Pool Party!

There will be representatives from TransPride at the pool on each date to help reserve space for our folks.
Come out and splash with us! Everyone welcome! All Ages.

The pool will be open to the public but is very trans and queer friendly.

Food is not permitted at the pool area, but there is a picnic table right outside the gates that may be used if you bring things to snack on

July 17- TransPride Gender Queer Meet Up

 July 17 at 6 PM - 9 PM
Persad Center
5301 Butler St, Ste 100, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201
 GQ- A Gender Queer Meetup is a monthly gathering of like-minded folks.

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you!
We will be taking some time to talk and learn about one another, chill and snack. feel free to bring snackage to share.